About Us

Aim: To Preserve and Protect the Ecological Viability, and also the Local History of the Wetlands.

Guidelines for Wetlands Sanctuary

Statement of Purpose for the Sanctuary

The purpose of the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary is as follows:

(a)    Preservation and restoration of the Sanctuary to create a permanent reserve of indigenous flora and fauna.

(b)   Serving community interests by:

  1. Creating a centre for both formal and informal environmental learning.
  2. Providing visitor facilities compatible with primary objectives.


Guidelines for all Users of the Sanctuary:

1/ The Sanctuary is the home of our plants and animals; your respect for the environment will mean you and others may continue to enjoy visiting this Sanctuary for decades to come.

2/ It is illegal to damage or remove any plants or parts of plants. Eg. Paper bark / mangrove seeds.

3/ Remain on the boardwalks and paths at all times.

4/ Please respect the animals, birds and crabs and all other wildlife species. Do not handle; remove or annoy them.

5/ Please do not bring any domestic animals into the Sanctuary. Eg. Cats, dogs or horses.

6/ Do not ride bicycles or trail bikes in the Sanctuary.

7/ Do not bring any plants into the Sanctuary.

8/ Please always be considerate of other users of the Sanctuary.


Remember that the plants and creatures are fully protected within the wetlands sanctuary.

When using the Sanctuary as a teaching resource, please see that you and your students adhere strictly to these rules. Thank you.


General Meetings are held at 7 PM on the second Thursday of every second month at The Sanctuary, Sports Rd, Bli BliAll welcome including non-members (general public). Contact us for the next due meeting date. Look forward to seeing you there.


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